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Beauty From The Inside Out

At Qsilica, we believe that it's not just what you apply topically that helps achieve healthy hair, skin and nails. The focus should also be on how you support them from the inside.


A unique approach

The Qsilica approach is different and has been created to help you achieve great results on the outside by supporting nutritional requirements from the inside. The Qsilica range of supplements and skin care utilises the key nutrient mineral silica to support hair, skin and nails from the inside as well as the outside.

Healthy hair, strong nails and a radiant glow. Naturally.


Beauty That Comes From Within

Adding Qsilica capsules, tablets or liquid gel to your daily beauty routine allows you to enjoy the multiple benefits of colloidal mineral silica working from the inside. This important dietary mineral supports the health, quality and appearance of connective tissue as well as the production of collagen in the body. Qsilica works below the surface to promote shiny hair, strong nails and supple, healthy looking skin.