FreeFrom Skin Care Awards Shortlisted


The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards are designed to celebrate and encourage skin care manufacturers who create products that exclude as many of the allergens, chemicals, fragrances and artificial additives as possible. These additives are often associated with being the cause of some of the skin and health problems which affect us in the 21st century - and which may appeal to those looking for purer or more natural products,(especially for those with problem skin conditions).

This year, our Qsilica REMOVE Makeup & Grime Cleansing Gel was again shortlisted in the Face Care “Take Off” category, while the newly launched Qsilica RESCUE Paw Paw Ointment was shortlisted in the Hand and Body Care “Leave On” category. We are proud for our Qsilica products to be recognised in these prestigious and unique awards, which celebrate and uphold the ‘FreeFrom’ values we feel are essential to the Qsilica Skin Care range.

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