5 tips for flawless skin this festive season


The party season is upon us, bringing with it a full social calendar. Whether it’s a glamorous soiree or getting ready for an office party, Qsilica’s Naturopath, Shelley Atkin has all of your beauty needs covered.

Try these holistic tips to achieve beautiful skin, and glow this festive season:

1) Cleanse and repeat – When the festive season hits, it signals a time of glamming up and an unhealthier diet, which can lead to our complexion appearing tired, dry and dull, our pores blocked and our skin more prone to breakouts.

Tip: Shelley recommends minimising high levels of refined carbs and sugar in your diet and cleansing skin of makeup build up with a quality cleanser and gentle exfoliator. Her picks are Qsilica’s Naturally Clear Cleanser and Revitalise Exfoliator.


2) Be mindful of caffeine and alcohol consumption – The party season can mean late nights, alcohol and that extra cup of coffee the next day. These indulgences can dehydrate the skin and lead to a less than glowing complexion.

Tip: Monitor your alcohol and coffee intake and give yourself time to recover. Hydrate both inside and out with plenty of water and also a natural moisturiser such as Qsilica REVIVE.

3) Hair, Skin, and Nails 101 – To ensure you’re looking your best for every occasion, take care of your ‘assets’ with this simple beauty secret.

Tip: Incorporate a silica supplement into your daily routine to keep your skin, hair and nails looking and feeling healthy.  Silica strengthens, repairs and supports collagen production.  Shelley suggests the high concentration Qsilica One A Day formula, for fast results.

4) Don’t forget your beauty sleep – Summer is synonymous with early starts, late nights, a busy social calendar and an even busier to-do list.


Tip: A good night’s sleep will reboot your nervous system and replenish your skin at the same time. Shelley recommends getting sufficient sleep each night and making time to relax on weekends. Qsilica’s Beauty Regen+ tablets and Night Cream can further enhance the rejuvenation process to your skin.

5) Party bag essentials – Don’t discount the benefits of having some core skin care essentials in your handbag to ensure you’re always looking refreshed.

Tip: Protect and nourish with Paw Paw Rescue for dry lips and REPAIR Hand Cream – both are great on the go beauty must-haves.

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