Environmentally speaking, this company puts its money where its mouth is!


Planet Health, the company that brought you those excellent Qsilica Skin Care and Food Supplements, has long been committed to doing business as environmentally sensitively as possible.

I learned something quite interesting the other day on this front – and it’s been quietly going on in Planet Health’s warehouses in the UK and Australia for some time. In fact, for the past 12 years.

It’s all to do with what is prosaically termed ‘packaging filler’. This is the material that is placed inside shipment boxes to cushion the precious contents during transit. Once upon a time, this ‘stuff’ would have been very unfriendly-to-the-planet pieces of plastic foam, non-biodegradable and certainly undesirable in this age of striving to safeguard the environment.

Planet Health, in keeping with its stance on staying on the good side of Mother Nature, was one of the earliest adopters of ‘corn filler’ to pad out products in shipping containers. Here’s the thing: it’s so environmentally friendly you could eat it!

While we wouldn’t exactly recommend you tuck in for breakfast, it is a blessing that wherever this filler ends up after shipments arrive at their destination, it returns to Nature just like other vegetable matter. And for that we can all be truly thankful.

Yours, Jessica Palmer at Qsilica