Fine lines or wrinkles? Take an extreme-free approach with proven results


Collagen: it’s the most abundant protein in the human body, found in bones, muscles, tendons and, as most commonly known, the skin. However, did you know it also depletes as we age?

“It’s what gives our skin structural support,” says naturopath Shelley Atkin. “When collagen levels are at their best, you can expect skin to look plump and smooth—it’s when collagen breaks down, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear and skin loses firmness.”

However, putting collagen creams on the skin or injecting the protein into the dermal layers isn’t the only way to benefit.

“Encouraging the body’s own natural collagen production is an excellent way to foster skin hydration, health and beauty from the inside out—with proven ingredients that target the visible signs of ageing, one can expect to see smoother and softer skin,” Atkin says.

An exciting natural ingredient that supports this collagen production is scientifically researched Lipowheat™, proven to deliver the results women are looking for – firmer, smoother and softer skin.

What is Lipowheat™?

Lipowheat™ is an all-natural wheat seed extract containing a complex of ceramides.  Ceramides are lipids – these key skin constituents account for 35 to 40 percent of “intercellular cement” that composes the skin’s barrier.  On his widely televised show, Dr Oz demonstrated how the ingredient acts like glue that brings the “right kinds of fats into the skin and allows the skin to find its moisture again and become more hydrated”.

You’re literally restoring some of the damaged barrier; rebuilding those cracks and filling out the wrinkles,
— Dr Oz

In 2010[1] Lipowheat™ was clinically proven for high skin moisturisation, anti-ageing effects and overall improvement in skin appearance.  This is certainly a natural path to smoother and softer skin, without the extreme measures that many take to reduce the visible signs of skin ageing.

You can find Lipowheat™ in tablet form in Qsilica Pro Collagen, paired with colloidal silica and Vitamin C, both known for their beneficial skin properties.  As with any anti-ageing regimen, the secret is to approach it consistently.   Qsilica Pro Collagen’s vegetarian tablets are best taken twice daily for the first 12 weeks and just once daily thereafter for consistent results.

“Qsilica Pro Collagen encourages healthy, radiant skin and reduce the signs of premature ageing,” Atkin says. “When paired with a comprehensive skincare routine, your skin can benefit from an inside and out approach that is both natural and gentle.”


Qsilica Pro Collagen is available now in leading pharmacies & health food stores nationwide and at

[1] Guillou S et al. « The moisturizing effect of wheat oil food supplement on women skin: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial », 2010, International Journal of Cosmetic Science