How to boost collagen in your skin without the animal collagen or the needles!

What can I say? Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN has already created a stir, with its message of collagen-boosting qualities without the collagen supplements from animal sources such as cow, pig and shark collagen, and without (deep breath) the needles.


More and more people have been searching for a natural way to improve the collagen levels in their skin, as part of their desire to look youthful and minimise those annoying wrinkles. They are now discovering the anti-ageing benefits of new Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN, containing the unique ingredient Lipowheat™ that has been clinically researched to improve skin hydration. All is good for vegetarians and vegans too, and the amount of gluten in the daily tablet is less than a wheat crumb, so you can make up your own mind if you normally sidestep gluten.

I won’t keep you if you want to check out this great new supplement – especially if you’d like to take up Qsilica’s offer of three for the price of two.

Yours, Jessica Palmer at Qsilica