The Era of Clean Beauty

Clean beauty really is more than just a fad and whilst the movement is still young, the ‘clean’ ethos is set to dominate the areas of health and wellness for years to come. We couldn’t be happier as it’s something we’ve been advocating for 10+ years!



Clean beauty is defined by products that are mindfully created and produced, keeping formulations as close to nature as possible.  This creates less chemical load on our largest organ - our skin. 

Thinking of going clean with your beauty this year? Here is what clean beauty really means:

·         Minimising the use of chemicals – free from parabens, sulphates, fillers & synthetics

·         Using quality natural ingredients

·         Sourcing ethically

·         Good for your health

·         Safe on your skin

·         Environmentally friendly

·         Not tested on animals

Our in-house beauty expert, Jessica Palmer comments, “It’s possible we may look back and be shocked that chemical-heavy beauty products were so mainstream. We’ve always believed beauty brands, us included, have a duty to customers to mindfully create clean, ethical products. It’s exciting to see more shoppers become increasingly conscious about what they apply and ingest. The results will be more positive for our overall beauty habits as well as the planet."


At Qsilica, clean beauty is in our DNA. From day one we’ve always tried to differentiate ourselves with others by being the go-to brand with integrity. Both our Skincare and Supplements are vegan friendly and the ingredients used are not tested on animals. Our gentle skincare formulas utilise ingredients known for their skin-loving properties and we maintain a continuing commitment to formulating safe skin care products without the use of harmful chemicals. We also aim to produce packaging that is recyclable where possible.



This all-natural multipurpose balm deeply nourishes, soothes and conditions dry skin and moisturises chapped lips. It combines fermented Paw Paw extract in a soothing base that includes Mineral Silica, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Macadamia Oil and Calendula extract. This rich, hydrating balm protects and seals in moisture and, best of all, uses only 100% naturally derived ingredients without the addition of petrochemicals, parabens or artificial colours or fragrances common in other Paw Paw products. It can even be used for baby rash.

ONE-A-DAY VEGAN TABLETS Starting from $34.95

A convenient once-daily supplement providing beneficial effects for the health, function and appearance of the skin, hair and nails. The colloidal mineral Silica plays a role in the healthy growth and functioning of connective tissues including hair, skin and nails. Selenium and Zinc may assist in protecting the body against free radical damage. The clinically researched nutrient Biotin may help strengthen nails that are brittle and prone to splitting or breaking.


This vegan friendly clinically proven alternative to animal derived collagen boosts the body’s natural production of collagen for healthier and radiant skin. A combination of mineral silica, Vitamin C and LipoWheat, these nutrient dense ingredients target deep within the dermal layers to improve skin's barrier function hydration levels, improving skin's texture and smoothness.