Keep the democracy of beauty alive – Vote for Qsilica!

Do you have a favourite brand of natural beauty products? Might it be Qsilica by any chance? Okay, I admit it, Qsilica Skin Care does it for me, along with their wondrous supplements for beautiful skin, hair and nails. I do like it when there’s science involved in the beauty business, and Qsilica lives and breathes on the basis of Science Meets Nature, or as they also say, ‘beauty from the inside out’.


Whatever you place on the top plinth of must-have beauty enhancing products, you can vote for them over at Janey Lee Grace’s 2014 Platinum Awards website. Click the banner to save yourself unnecessary click tourism.

You can vote up until 31st May 2014, but if you’ve got a mind like mine, you won’t want to relegate your important vote to the ‘oops, I forgot’ folder.