Let’s hear it for customer service par excellence!

A great big round of applause to our colleague Lee at Qsilica‘s UK office.

Completely unsolicited positive feedback from a customer (always the most satisfying) has arrived. This is what we’ve been told, bringing a slight blush to a certain team member’s face:

I just wanted to give my thanks to you for our recent telephone call. You were hugely knowledgeable on the Qsilica products, friendly and an Ambassador for Excellent Customer Service! You patiently and knowledgeably answered all of my questions with understanding and good humour. Having been a fan of the Qsilica range for a while now, I have even more faith in the brilliant range of Qsilica products post our conversation!

Thanks, I will have no hesitation ringing you if I need any further information re the products.

Please do show this email to your MD since really good customer skills are rare and I would like them to know what a great service you provide!

With good wishes, JW

If you listen carefully out your window, you may just discern the applause from Lee’s colleagues deep in the English Cotswolds.


Yours, Jessica Palmer at Qsilica