Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN comes to the UK and sets our pulses racing

For quite some time, those keen to hold back the sands of time – all of us, surely! – have tried to find ways of keeping the skin looking its best, especially on the face. Lines and wrinkles may be a fact of life as we age, but who wouldn’t want to keep them to a minimum in this image-conscious world and so look younger than our birth certificate otherwise shows.

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In this context, many of us will have heard about the ‘miracle’ of collagen, and more than a few have gone down the route of taking collagen supplements and even enduring direct injections of collagen into the skin. While the results of this can be useful, not many of us are particularly keen on the idea of ingesting collagen taken from animals…whether it be docile cows, cute pigs or fierce sharks. Fear of needles is another issue – I mean, who actually enjoys getting jabbed?!

Fast forward to right now. The launch of Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN in the UK heralds an exciting new era of what is neatly described as ‘age defence’.

This remarkably innovative food supplement eliminates all the yuckiness of previous ways to boost the collagen levels in your skin. Backed by hard science and research, Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN, in essence, spurs your body to produce more collagen itself. Completely vegetarian and vegan, the supplement contains an amazing ingredient call Lipowheat™, which has been clinically researched to increase skin hydration by up to 65%! Uniquely combined with silica, the star ingredient of all Qsilica products, the new supplement gets to work on the deeper layers of the skin – from the inside. It’s all about targeting the visible signs of skin ageing from within.

As in all things, the proof is in the eating. Literally, in this case. No scary needles, no unsavoury animal bits, just a simple but clever food supplement taken as a tablet once a day. (Note to self: It’s recommended to start with two tablets daily for the first 12 weeks.)

Find out more at www.qsilica.co.uk, including how to get a supply of this very, very interesting new addition to the Qsilica range of supplements and skin care.

Bye for now, Jessica Palmer at Qsilica

PS – Philip Weeks, Master Herbalist & Naturopath, discusses the issue of collagen here.