5 Tips For Flawless Skin This Winter Season

Try our skin saving tips to get through the cooler months


1)      Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

Daily moisturising is essential for healthy skin – it’s not just for aesthetics as some are led to believe. When the skin is prone to dryness and breakouts a moisturiser can help hydrate the outermost layer of the skin and protect from the brash, cold wind that causes external skin damage. Qsilica REJUVENATE Invigorating Body Lotion contains the goodness of macadamia oil, avocado oil, shea butter and vitamin E to nourish the skin whilst promoting elasticity, suppleness and hydration.

2)      Hydrate the Skin from Within

It is just as important to hydrate your skin from the inside out with nutrient-dense ingredients to promote skin health. By targeting the deeper dermal layers, in addition to treating the surface of the skin, the connective tissues are fed the nourishment they need to provide antioxidant protection and structural integrity. Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN is a vegan collagen boosting formula containing mineral silica, vitamin C and LipoWheat to hydrate your skin.

3)      Nurture the Skin with A Dash of Silica

If you want your skin to be healthy with a radiant complexion this winter, try silica. This power ingredient is an essential beauty mineral due to its ability to help form collagen and repair damaged or loose skin. Qsilica SKIN, HAIR & NAILS COLLOIDAL SILICA GEL is a vegan silica supplement that nurtures the skin from the inside out for your best skin yet.

4)      Remember Your Beauty Sleep

A good night’s sleep will reboot your nervous system and replenish your skin at the same time, so if you do experience difficulties, try supplementing with natural sleep-inducing formulas to get a good night’s rest. Qsilica Skin Regeneration BEAUTY SLEEP tablets are formulated to provide a dual action approach to ‘beauty sleep’ by inducing sleep and providing nutrients to support your body’s natural regenerative processes overnight.

5)      Pack Your Handbag With Your Essential Winter Protection

Qsilica RESCUE Paw Paw Ointment is an all-natural multipurpose balm that deeply nourishes, soothes and conditions dry skin and moisturises chapped lips. Best of all, like all Qsilica products, it is without the addition of petrochemicals, parabens or artificial colours or fragrances.