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Collagen – pain or pleasure?

There’s a reason ‘collagen’ comes up in conversation when people get to their middle years and start to fret about facial lines and wrinkles. This natural protein is responsible for supporting the structure of the skin, and when it naturally breaks down as we age, the skin unfortunately begins to sag – leading to what some describe as that ‘lived-in look’.

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How to boost collagen in your skin without the animal collagen or the needles!

What can I say? Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN has already created a stir, with its message of collagen-boosting qualities without the collagen supplements from animal sources such as cow, pig and shark collagen, and without (deep breath) the needles.

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Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN comes to the UK and sets our pulses racing

For quite some time, those keen to hold back the sands of time – all of us, surely! – have tried to find ways of keeping the skin looking its best, especially on the face. Lines and wrinkles may be a fact of life as we age, but who wouldn’t want to keep them to a minimum in this image-conscious world and so look younger than our birth certificate otherwise shows.

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