It's great to achieve such improvement

I read a magazine article earlier this year praising the benefits of silica for hair and nail strength. At the time, the condition of my nails and hair was giving me cause for concern so I decided to buy a three month supply and give the Qsilica Capsules a fair trial.

I did not expect a marked improvement, feeling that even a slight strengthening of my nails would make them more presentable and that my thinning, lifeless hair might get a bit more bounce...

How wrong I was! I am thrilled that my nails are now much improved; they are stronger with a considerably improved appearance. Similarly my hair feels stronger and healthier with more body and shine. Even at my age, over 65 years, it’s great to achieve such improvement.

As a delighted customer, I wish to offer my thanks for a really great product.

Patricia Pearce

Leicestershire, UK

Qsilica Capsules