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After three months I discovered my hair was definitely getting thicker and looking very shiny

6 May 2015

Here is my story.

I have always had quite fine hair but there was a lot of it. A few months ago I noticed when I looked in the mirror that my hair had started to look thinner. I could see more and more of my scalp and my hairline seemed to recede a little. I started using thickening shampoos in the hope that it might help but this didn't work. I think the idea of them is to make your hair more conditioned, so less likely to break. This wasn't my problem, I seemed to be losing more hair from my scalp.

My daughter introduced me to your product as she knew I was worried about my hair. I must admit I didn't feel that anything would help. After taking Qsilica Colloidal Silica Capsules for about 2 months, my hairdresser pointed out that I had baby hair growing at the front of my hairline. After three months I discovered that my hair was definitely getting thicker and looking very shiny. I now don't dread the mirror as it seems that I can't see my scalp anymore.

I now have hair growing throughout my entire head, which is great. I can't wait for it to grow longer as it seems a little top heavy at the moment. I am not complaining!!!

Thank you, I will carry on taking the capsules and telling others of my experience.

S.B. - Kent, UK

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