This is different - it treats acne from the inside and out and it's 100% natural!

4 June 2015

I'm currently halfway through trialling the Qsilica Naturally Clear and can notice the gradual changes it's making to my skin. I have less white heads and the patch of bad acne I had on my forehead is starting to clear up nicely.

The cleansing lotion and spot gel smell really fresh and natural and apply to the skin nicely. And it's fine under makeup, which is essential for people like me with who, unfortunately, have to apply makeup to hide their spots!

I have noticed that the overall texture of my skin is less oily and greasy.

The tablets are easy to swallow and don't have that gross after taste that many vitamin supplements do.

I've used loads of different acne treatments, some worked and others didn't. The problem with the one that worked the best - a harsh drug prescribed by a dermatologist - was that it came with awful side effects.

This is different to any of the other treatments I’ve tried, as it treats acne from the inside and the out and it's 100% natural!

I'm excited to see the end result once I've completed the 60-day trial.

Terri – New Zealand

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