Been using Qsilica ONE-A-DAY for 6 months now and I'm over the moon!

27 August 2014

Hi guys! Been using your Qsilica ONE-A-DAY hair, skin and nails for 6 months now and I'm over the moon! I believe beauty and a well working body comes from the inside out, and after all my body has been through, I'm stoked to find a product that works! Glad I've found you and hoping to try your collagen tabs really soon - and dropping the hint to hubby for your skincare products for Xmas.

My skin can sometimes be a bit weird. If it's okay with you, I would like to touch base with you when I give your other products a go and let you know how they worked for me. Of course you are welcome to share my feedback.

Keep up the awesome work; much love, thanks and awesomeness from a big fan.

Regards, Stacey B - Western Australia

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