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I began using 'Nutrient Boost' only a fortnight ago but the results are nothing short of brilliant

16 January 2014

"Some rare free time this morning has prompted me to get in touch.

"I've been a fan of yours for only a short time but I am hooked!! I received a hamper of gorgeous treats as a gift (I recently had twin daughters) with an abundance of natural goodies for me and the girls. Amongst them was your completely brilliant Qsilica REVIVE ‘Nutrient Boost’ moisturiser. I'm so pleased to have found this as it is truly something else! I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin that reacts badly to a lot of products and stubbornly resists most attempts to nourish or refine it. This dryness results in my skin usually looking very dull and tired, especially at this time of the year. I began using Nutrient Boost only a fortnight ago but the results are nothing short of brilliant. It is heaven to apply; soothing, gentle and yet providing me with really great results. My skin is already much less rough and dry; the surface texture is noticeably smoother and I can actually feel an increased elasticity. It just looks really radiant and healthy and I am excited to see what results will be gained from continued use! Nothing I have tried previously has been as effective at nourishing and hydrating my skin so gently and it's really such great news for me.

"I am so impressed with this moisturiser and love that I am seeing the clear benefits of using it so quickly.

"All best wishes."

Mrs T C – Middlesex, UK

Qsilica Skin Care