I have fallen in love with Qsilica

22 October 2014

I am using Qsilica and I love it. Along with the Gel or tablets, I also use REMOVE cleansing gel, REVIVE moisturiser and REPLENISH eye cream. If I find I have a breakout, these help clear it up quicker. Qsilica is like a BB cream without the makeup and having recently turned 30, the best compliment is being told your skin is great enough you don't need makeup.

My hair and nails are also better which is why I started using Qsilica in the first place, and now I have no intention to stop using it.

I have fallen in love with Qsilica! I recommend Qsilica to my friends and workmates and it's a product I believe in, so I'm more than happy for you to share my story.

C.B. - Queensland, Australia

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