The difference was unbelievable!!

Throughout my teen years I was always lucky with my skin and I never had any problems. I had a very basic skincare regime and always had long, thick hair in abundance! In my mid twenties however, I changed career path and my skin and hair started to suffer. I wasn’t happy with the look of my skin and my hair was not in its normal, healthy condition. I sought advice, changed my skin care regime several times and almost a year later, still no improvement. This really started to get me down and was destroying my confidence... Then I heard about Qsilica and I thought it was worth a try. 

Within about 3-4 weeks of taking the Qsilica the difference was unbelievable!! My skin was glowing and healthy looking in that short amount of time! It's been several months since then and the results have continued to surprise me between now and then! My hair feels healthy and strong and now grows at a healthy rate, it is thick and shiny. My nails are so healthy in colour, length and strength. I can now go to work without any make up on at all! It's so easy to take, I just put the correct dosage in a bottle of water every morning and evening, every day and that's all it takes! I also tried the Qsilica Skincare range and it is much better value than what I was buying before, it  is so pleasant on my skin and I have had many people comment on a more youthful look on my skin! I will never go back from these products and do not know where I would be now without them!!

Abi Lyle,

Gloucestershire, UK