No more broken, short hair, just long beautiful locks!

21 November 2013

“I own a hairdressing and hair extensions business and came across Qsilica after a client began taking it to improve the quality of her hair. Two years down the track and every six weeks at her maintenance appointments, I've seen her hair transform into the polar opposite to the hair she had before. No more broken, short hair, just long beautiful locks. She doesn't even need extensions anymore!

I've also had another two amazing success stories with clients using it after having severe bald patches from poor extensions (not from here!) and another who suffered with pretty horrific psoriasis for many years and had some of the worst bald patches I've ever seen. They're now both seeing huge results by using Qsilica, which has been so fantastic to see.”

K.J. – Loxy's Hair Boutique, NZ

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