I am delighted with the results

Since using Qsilica my nails improved immensely to the point of being able to paint them with nail polish.  Previously I was unable to do this because my nails were always too ragged or would break.

After speaking with my hairdresser she could see a lot of young, new hair growth on the thinner area of my scalp suggesting that within a couple of months those areas should be almost covered with hair.

I can say that I am delighted with the results that I have seen in my hair growth, nail strength and appearance.  My hair and nails seem much healthier and stronger now after taking Qsilica Gel.

The new natural lemongrass oil which is now added to Qsilica makes the product pleasant drinking and I find that there is less adherence of the Gel to the sides of the glass.

I hope your business thrives.


Rebecca Fletcher

Victoria, Australia

Qsilica Gel