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Qsilica One-A-Day Tablets - BEST SUPPLEMENT

Qsilica One-A-Day: Best Vitamin/Mineral Supplement in the Annual Janey Loves Platinum Awards UK, 2013

+ HIGHLY COMMENDED  in the ‘BEST NAIL’ category

Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards UK – Celebrating Everything Natural!

There is a 'natural alternative' to everything, and through her bestselling books, seminars, and numerous TV and Radio appearances, Janey Lee Grace has made it her life's passion to source, seek, test and recommend the best natural eco and organic products and services in the market place. Every year, Janey asks the public to vote for their favourite natural products.  Janey and her panel of judges spend two months selecting and assessing all entries before awarding Platinum to the winners.

Qsilica One-A-Day beat off stiff competition and became the joint winner of the Best Vitamin/Mineral Supplement category!


Qsilica Remove Make Up and Grime Cleansing Gel - OVERALL WINNER 2012

2012 FreeFrom Awards: What the Judges Thought

“Easy to use, you only need a tiny bit as it’s so thick, luxurious smell – left no traces of make-up on skin."

"Very softening. Did exactly as promised. Smelled great – would definitely buy again. Absolutely love this.”

“V easy to use, dispenses easily, spreads easily over face, wonderful smell, clean natural lavender and not synthetic at all. Surprised it removed waterproof mascara well. Hydrating skin. No dry / taut effect. Foamed well left face fresh...”

“Thick, easy to squeeze out right amount, enjoyed using, well moisturised skin, worked effectively, good value, excellent directions, great product. No negative comments.”

“Easy to use. Not too runny, good consistency. Gentle, smooth gel-like consistency. Pleasant not overpowering smell. Didn’t feel a ‘chore’ to use. Delivered what expected. Great packaging. A unique and standout product...”


Qsilica Paw Paw Rescue Ointment - COMMENDED 2012

2012 FreeFrom Awards: What the Judges Thought

“Hardly any fragrance. It met my expectations and I would buy it for this. Easy to use, packaging good and excellent value for money if using on lips as you need such a tiny amount.”

“Easy to smooth in, quite thick, which I like. Worked well on my dry elbows. Quite neutral, ‘hardly there’ fragrance. I used this on my elbows primarily and they were definitely less dry after this time. I might buy it for occasional use as it's very good value. Neutral packaging, compact size makes it easy to pop in a bag for dryness emergencies! I like the fact you can use it on dry skin anywhere (lips, knees etc etc).”

“Nice formulation...It’s a nice ointment – rich – and like the presentation in a tube, which is handy and works well to dispense right amount. Softer than a solid balm and therefore easier to use. Very good value as so little needed.”

“Not unpleasant odour, easy to apply from the tube. Works in readily and absorbed fairly quickly. Softened the skin where there were cracks on both my earlobe and arm. Skin felt rejuvenated and scarring marks began to recede. Skin felt more supple … scarring reduced and healing aided, one of the functions expected of a carefully prepared paw paw mixture. Small mark on my arm definitely reduced in size and impact. Earlobes almost completely repaired after three weeks use. I would look out for this product in the future if I needed further treatment. Product supplied in tube dispenser with full instructions and contents printed on the container. Value for money good and very effective.”


Qsilica Remove Make Up and Grime Cleansing Gel - COMMENDED 2012

2012 FreeFrom Awards: What the Judges Thought

“Very easy to use, nice texture, not too runny. Not much scent, but liked it a lot, just smelt 'clean'. Slight foam when mixed with water. Good results, removed make up well...Skin felt fresh and smooth afterwards. I really like this, particularly as a morning wash. I would buy it (again). Packaging quite simple - would maybe have overlooked this product before but glad I have discovered it.”

“Very easy to use, just wet the face and lather. Rinse and ready! the texture is gel like, easy to dispense, just squirt a bit from the tube, not runny. Scent is fresh, invigorating...It did clean the face thoroughly, leaving it fresh. I would buy this product in the future. Really liked the packaging as really easy to use and store”

 “Maybe menthol or tea tree fragrance but pleasant enough. You only need a tiny squirt. It takes a bit of rinsing off but as I used it in the shower it didn't really matter. I used moisturiser afterwards and facial oil. Yes it was a great cleanser and I would probably buy it. It would be great value for money as a little goes a long way. Slim back tube with flip lid so easy to use.”

“This is a foaming cleanser which meant it was great to use in the shower. You can squeeze out the amount you need. Being a foaming cleanser it was soapy. The smell was pleasant - smelt like lemon fairy liquid to me (which I quite like). This is a very effective cleanser - it takes off all your makeup including eye makeup with no hassle as you just foam it up and rinse it off. I feel this would be a great product for anyone with combination or slightly oily skin. The product says that it leaves your skin "ready to gain the maximum benefits from your moisturiser" which is a good description...”