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Qsilica for your body

Mineral silica (or rather the trace element silicon contained in it) performs a large number of roles in the body. A key role involves the formation of connective tissues in the body. Connective tissues include skin, hair, nails, bones, ligaments and teeth. Mineral silica supports not only the formation of these tissues, but contributes to their structure and strength as well.


Natural ingredients for beauty

It is believed that levels of silica are highest during infancy. As we age, levels of silica in the body tend to decline. A balanced diet full of essential vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients is vital for a healthy appearance and general wellbeing. Supporting a healthy diet with Qsilica supplements helps ensure you receive adequate amounts of mineral silica, particularly when sources of this mineral may be lacking in your diet.


Different care for different needs

Just as the products you apply to your skin may vary due to seasonal changes, the ageing process, increased sensitivity or other variants, your requirement for the mineral silica supplement may also change. The initial commencement of a Qsilica regime, periods of stress, dietary changes or pregnancy are all examples of times when your body’s requirements may vary.


Which Qsilica product suits me?


Qsilica ONE-A-DAY Tablets

Qsilica ONE-A-DAY Tablets are a high strength, once-daily supplement for intensive hair, skin and nails support. These tablets contain high strength mineral silica (equivalent to two Qsilica Capsules), biotin for nail strength and additional zinc and selenium to enhance skin health and provide antioxidant protection. Qsilica ONE-A-DAY Tablets are ideal if you are seeking an intensive booster treatment for your hair, skin and nails. Once the desired results have been achieved with Qsilica ONE-A-DAY Tablets, the Qsilica Original Capsules or Liquid Gel offer a perfect solution to help maintain the improved condition of hair, skin and nails.


Qsilica Liquid Gel

Qsilica Liquid Gel contains microparticles of colloidal mineral Silica that are finely dispersed in water so as to form a gel consistency. Qsilica Gel may be suitable for you if you are looking for a supplement to improve the general condition and appearance of hair, skin and nails. Qsilica Gel is perfect for those individuals who prefer to take dietary supplements in liquid form. With its natural lemongrass oil preservative, Qsilica Gel has a refreshing citrus flavour and can be combined with water or juice. Take care to refrigerate Qsilica Gel after opening.

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Qsilica Original Capsules

Qsilica Original Capsules contain microparticles of colloidal mineral Silica in a powder form, eliminating the need for a preservative system or refrigeration. Qsilica Capsules are a convenient form of mineral Silica, which works to provide effective support for the strength of connective tissues including hair, skin and nails. Qsilica Capsules are perfect for travelling and offer a convenient ‘handbag-friendly’ solution for those on the go.



Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN is a scientifically developed food supplement created to assist the body to naturally produce more collagen and so promote the health and appearance of skin. It contains unique Lipowheat™, clinically researched to increase skin hydration. Qsilica PRO COLLAGEN Tablets work on the deeper layers of the skin from the inside to target the visible signs of skin ageing from within. No needles or animal sources such as pig, cow or shark collagen are involved, and so this collagen boosting supplement is suitable for vegans.


Qsilica Skin Care

Qsilica Skin Care offers a range of high quality, affordable skin care products developed by experts, with a focus on the inclusion of naturally derived and botanically based ingredients. Qsilica Skin Care provides the benefits of topical mineral silica, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants directly to the skin without the addition of parabens, sulfates or petroleum based ingredients. (Click here for more information)

Stronger hair, healthy bones and a radiant glow. The whole range from Qsilica.