Formulated with the active ingredient, colloidal silica (that’s found in Quartz), Qsilica products are made by the beauty of nature and innovated by the beauty of science.

All products are vegan, free from pegs, gluten, dairy, yeast or soy. It’s an art to be beautiful. It’s a science to be (naturally) beautiful.


The Beauty Of Science.
The Beauty Of Nature.
The Beauty Of You.
The Beauty Of Australian.

Active Ingredient

The Q on Q (The Glowing Ingredient)

Naturally occurring in Quartz crystal, colloidal mineral silica (importantly, the element silicon contained within it) is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. It’s found in plants, animals and most living things. Qsilica supplements offer a convenient form of colloidal mineral silica in order to support healthy skin, hair and nails.

This unique ingredient is essential to strengthening, rejuvenating and giving health/life to your skin, hair and nails. It supports collagen formation, maintains skin, hair and nail health, supports skin’s integrity and structure, supports connective tissue formation and maintains bone health.


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