5 Reasons Your Skin Needs an Inner Detox

1. You’ve Been Using Cosmetics High in Chemicals

Chemical additives in our cosmetics don’t just sit on top of the skin. Propylene glycol, for instance, is a cosmetic ingredient offender that has transdermal properties, meaning it can be absorbed and in fact enter the bloodstream. Furthermore, our skin is actively exposed to chemicals all day from cleaning products, paints and pollutants. Make conscious choices and choose products that are toxin free. Read the ingredients list to seek out any potential nasties. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t read it (or don’t know it) then skip it.


2. You’re Experiencing Stress More Frequently

Stress counteracts with skin’s integrity from time to time. Simply put, a build-up of stress causes your body to produce cortisol which tells your skin glands to produce more oil. During this time, you may need to give your skin a bit of a helping hand. Feeding it with the essential nutrients it needs to do its job can make the world of difference. Look out for ingredients such as silica, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C and anything rich in antioxidants to keep those nasty stress induced breakouts at bay.


3. You live in an urban and polluted environment

Exhaust fumes, smoke and other pollutants are often recycled back into the air, especially when you live in the city. It can be hard to escape, and unfortunately, this prolonged exposure can accelerate the speed of dirt and grime clogging our pores. When you’re at home, try giving your skin a “breather” by removing makeup, and remember to wash regularly to prevent any potential breakouts. 


4. You’ve been eating a lot of junk food lately

It’s no secret; your skin reacts to what you eat. Dehydrating foods such as those saturated in processed sugars, caffeine and alcohol can exacerbate the skin’s ability to absorb the vital nutrients it needs to maintain its healthy condition. When the skin is struggling to filter out these toxins, this can manifest in your overall complexion. As the saying goes, you are what you eat… and it shows. It’s ok to have cheat days, but make sure your diet is plentiful in healthy options to support skin health and appearance. Think leafy greens for their dense vitamin and mineral profiles, berries for their rich antioxidant content and citrus fruits for their vitamin C, which can promote collagen production and encourage a radiant glow.


5. You’ve let product build-up without washing away properly

Heavy use of sunscreens and makeups without proper deep cleansing can result in havoc for your skin. When this excess product builds up, it has nowhere else to go so it settles into the deeper layers of the skin. This can clog your pores and can sometimes result in irritation. Always remember to wash your face, properly! No matter how tired you are! Muslin cloths or cleansing pads are both gentle and great for really getting in there with chemical-free face wash and removing all the dirt, grime and excess that has accumulated on your skin throughout the day.

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