Natural Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Let’s face it; beauty today has a much deeper meaning than makeup accessories and enhancers. There is a clear connection between our beauty and our health. No amount of makeup in the world will make much of a difference if we don’t feed our body the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. Key ingredients like vitamin C, which can be found in citrus fruits, is great for promoting collagen formation and skin elasticity. Vitamin E is another staple nutrient, found in spinach, avocado, nuts and seeds, and is a powerhouse for moisturising skin and slowing down the ageing process. Topical treatments with these ingredients can be great for treating the surface layer in addition to providing many benefits that are more than skin deep.


Collagen can rarely ever be absorbed through topical treatments. This is because the molecules are just too large to be absorbed through our pores. It also cannot be ingested due to its “molecular weight.” Collagen is weighed in a measurement known as Daltons. Collagen is 30,000 Daltons, making it a super molecule. The body cannot absorb anything above 500 Daltons. You can, however, feed your skin from the inside with collagen boosting nutritional ingredients to encourage the body to produce more of its own. Ingredients like Lipowheat™ and vitamin C are both great for enhancing the body’s own collagen production. Increased collagen production promotes smoother skin, stronger bones, healthy connective tissue and even heart health.


Free radicals are toxic by-products such as alcohol, cigarette smoke and UV damage that can cause damage to living cells and tissues through a process called “oxidative stress.” Strong performing antioxidants, such as zinc, counteract these free radicals by neutralising them. Incorporating more zinc into your diet can protect from this type of damage, resulting in stronger skin, but zinc intake can also improve immunity, support digestion and improve eyesight.


Cleaners and moisturisers are great for stimulate skin health and appearance at the surface layer, however they cannot penetrate the top layer to nourish the deeper layers of the skin such as the dermis, which contains our hair follicles, connective tissues and sweat glands. The mineral silica in food or taken as supplement can target the deepest layers of the skin. This can improve your complexion, strengthen hair follicles and improve connective tissue. This can encourage new hair growth and improve skin integrity.


Silica is also amazing for improving bone strength. This is because it assists in metabolising calcium in the body which results in healthier teeth for a beautiful smile, protection for your cardiac muscles and the transporting of other vital nutrients to the cell membranes.


For a convenient and comprehensive way to get these nutrients, we recommend our range of Qsilica Vegan Beauty Supplements. All formulated with the key ingredient silica, you can achieve inner strength and outer beauty in a convenient gel, tablet or capsule form. It’s also important to sustain a clean, healthy diet to achieve the best results – plenty of exercise, water, leafy greens, wholegrains, legumes and fruits.

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