Natural Skincare Tips for the Glowing, Blemish-Free Bride


Every bride wants to look wedding day perfect, from shiny hair and strong nails, to blemish-free skin.

While pimples, blemishes and mild acne may not be in a bride-to-be’s plans, the common[1] skin condition is an all-too-real concern for many, as planning pressures and poor diet habits often escalate in the lead up to the big day.

A recent survey of 92 private dermatology clinics in the UK showed a 214 percent increase in pre-wedding adult acne treatment, with more than one in three brides aged 35 and over.

A holistic beauty routine that considers the skin from the inside and out is a bridal beauty essential in order to keep pimples at bay and get that big day glow. But where to start?

Naturopath Shelley Atkin advises giving some thought to skin health and stress levels at least three months prior to walking down the aisle.

“Our skin is a reflection of our inner health and emotions, both of which can experience changes when planning a wedding. However, there are some small changes that can make a big difference, to have you smiling down the aisle focused only on your partner”.

Here are the natural skincare tips for every bride-to-be to have glowing clear skin on the day and beyond.

Top 5 Bridal Skincare Tips

1. Keep it Natural

Choose a skincare regime with natural and nourishing ingredients to cleanse, treat and repair. Look for chemical-free formulas to treat blemish-prone skin. “Internal supplements should contain natural ingredients to support the skin by helping to foster healthy hormone balance such as the liver herb Burdock and vitamins B6 and A, which are important in maintaining overall skin health,” Atkin says.

2. Address Weaknesses

A bride needs well-hydrated, supple skin for make-up to look its best. If you have dry skin, ensure regular water intake, and use skincare and take supplements that support skin hydration and nutrition. Look for a cleanser that gently clarifies, rebalances and tones, and a topical treatment for blemishes that’s non-greasy and formulated with naturally derived, soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber.

3. Avoid Stress & Planning Overload

Staying away from stressful moments may be easier said than done, but being aware of what situations push your buttons and choosing to avoid or navigate them differently can help to calm frayed nerves and minimise the effects on your skin. If oily skin is an issue, it’s even more important to avoid stress, as this prompts the body to produce more androgen hormones, which leads to increased oil production. Choose an exercise, such as yoga, to balance stress hormones that will have your skin flushed and glowing.

4. Detox and Nourish, from the Inside and Out

Choose a day or more each week to fuel up with organic greens including a nutrient-dense smoothie to enhance skin clarity. For best results, begin an inside and out pre wedding beauty regimen, with the Qsilica Naturally CLEAR Skin Blemish Control Kit. With strengthening and rejuvenating colloidal silica and natural cleansing herbals, it minimises the risk of blemishes, breakouts and spots.

5. Continue with Healthy Habits, Post Wedding

No need to look back at your wedding photos wistfully as a time of beauty perfection. By continuing these skin tips beyond the big day, skin, hair and nails can stay shiny, healthy and beautiful.