Simple switches for natural beauty


The choices around health and beauty have never been better – from minimising chemicals, shopping ethically and being kind to the environment whilst also achieving beautiful results.  Need a guide to help make the right choice?  Here are some simple switches for feel-good beauty that look after you on the inside, the outside and are kind to the planet.

Beat the microbeads

These little plastic beads, used in many cleansers and exfoliators, are great for agitating your skin to remove the dead skin cells that lead to a dull, tired complexion.  However, they are an absolute environmental burden that clog our waterways causing untold damage and will be banned throughout the UK by the end of 2017.  Switch to a microbead free exfoliator now such as Qsilica Revitalise, which uses sustainable bamboo particles to cleanse your skin – your skin and the environment benefit.


Organic cosmetics

Apart from their cruelty free credentials, the rise of mineral makeup that draws from plant ingredients is truly exciting news for your skin.  In particular for those with sensitive skin, they’re the way to avoid the many chemicals that can be present in cosmetics. Try the Inika or Zao ranges.

Animal testing

Whilst the UK has a ban in place on animal testing, many brands continue the practice outside of the UK.  Switch your skincare, haircare and cosmetics to those brands who stand strongly against animal cruelty in all markets, such as Qsilica.

Hair colouring

This is often one of the hardest to switch and the results with Henna are short-lived.  However there are brands that deliver. Look for those that are free from PPD, resorcinol, ammonia, GMO and parabens, such as BioKap from Italy, now available in the UK.


Lip Balm

It’s a handbag staple, however the use of synthetics, perfumes and oil byproducts such as petroleum, are just unnecessary.  Look for a petroleum free base that’s nourishing for dry lips and skin, along with the renowned paw paw fruit. Try Qsilica RESCUE Paw Paw ointment which has a Shea butter base along with Macadamia Oil, and Calendula extract.

Collagen boosters


With collagen being a key factor in healthy skin ageing, there are a number of supplements with this ingredient, however many have animal sourcing.  Instead, switch to a plant based source such as Lipowheat, that’s clinically proven to stimulate collagen production and improve moisture levels from the inside to reduce the signs of premature ageing. Qsilica ProCollagen tablets contain Lipowheat in it’s one a day formula, suitable for vegetarians.


Self tanning has come a long way and it’s now possible to achieve a sun kissed look without the nasty chemicals.  An brand to try is Green People Self Tan Lotion which is certifed organic.  Follow it with Qsilica Rejuvenate Body Lotion to extend the colour and keep your skin soft and smooth.

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